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African Fashion Brand, Sisiano: Marrying the Art of Dance and Fashion


Designer Paolo Sisiano's namesake label has always been about movement. The Sisiano label distinguishes itself among the top contemporary brands on the African fashion market today because of and through dance. Early inspiration for the brand stemmed from his need to create costumes as a dancer with the Lagos-based troupe 'Spirit of David.'

Sisiano Paolo

Sisiano began designing costumes during his dance career. He didn't formally enter the world of high-end design until 2013, when he was a finalist at the GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week Awards. He went on to become a Creative Director of a clothing brand, after launching his ready-to-wear company Sisiano in 2017. His love of gliding, jumping, and spinning in front of the camera has spilled over into his fashion designing career, which has experienced a lot of eye-catching moves.