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Victoria's Secret Unveils World Tour Showcasing Spectacular Creative Talents

In what is dubbed as the brand’s biggest and most visible move yet, popular American lingerie and beauty brand; Victoria’s Secret has announced its world tour.

The tour is a reinvention of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, with the brand taking a more creative and experimental approach this time around. "Something Big Is Coming" is the perfect piece of bait for the world tour, which will be featured in a feature-length documentary film premiering in September.


The Victoria’s Secret World Tour will bring together a cast of international women creators from four cities across the globe; Tokyo, Lagos, Bogota and London.



House of Tokyo

Jenny Fax: Fashion Designer

Umi Ishihara: Filmmaker

Kaito Itsuki: Painter

Aoi Yamada: Body Artist

Kom-I: Artist


 Victoria’s Secret World Tour Poster
Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret

 House of Lagos

Bubu Ogisi: Fashion Designer

Korty: Filmmaker

Eloghosa Osunde: Artist

Ashley Okoli: Artist

Wavy The Creator: Multifaceted Creative


House of Bogota

Melissa Valdes: Fashion Designer

Cristina Sánchez Salamanca: Filmmaker

Lorena Torres: Painter

Piscis: Dancer & Choreographer

Goyo: Musician


House of London

Supriya Lele: Creative Director & Designer

Margot Bowman: Filmmaker

Ebun Sodipo: Artist & Writer

Michaela Stark: Lingerie Designer & Artist

Phoebe Collings: Artist



From the city of Lagos, Ashley Okoli is one of the artists redefining the concept of Nigerian creativity. Designer, creative director, and social media influencer, Ashley has versatility as her biggest asset.


Designer Bubu Ogisi in the Victoria’s Secret World Tour poster
Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret


Korty Olanrewaju, fondly called Korty EO is a Nigerian filmmaker, who has been on an astronomical rise over the past three years. Bubu Ogisi is the creative director at Iamsigo , a nomadic conscious wearable art brand in Nigeria.


House of Lagos Victoria’s Secret World Tour Selection Poster
House of Lagos Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret


The House of Tokyo selections features Tokyo-based fashion designer, Jenny Fax; emerging contemporary artist; Kaito Itsuki; talented body artist; Aoi Yamada. For Umi Ishihara, an artist and Film Director from Tokyo, the

major themes of her work centers around love, personal memories and society.

House of Tokyo Victoria’s Secret World Tour Selection Poster
House of Tokyo Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret

Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret

Alt Text: House of Tokyo Victoria’s Secret World Tour Selection Poster


From the city of Bogota, the brand culled top creatives from different sectors. ASBO class of 2020, and fashion designer, Melissa Valdes; independent artist and painter; Lorena Torres among others.


House of Bogota Victoria’s Secret World Tour Selection Poster
House of Bogota Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret


The City of London also has its representatives including finalist of the LVMH prize 2020 and Indian-British designer, Supriya Lele, multidisciplinary artist and writer, Ebun Sodipo.


House of Tokyo Victoria’s Secret World Tour Selection Poster
Photo: Courtesy Victoria’s Secret


All four narratives will come together with a filmed fashion show that will also feature a fifth segment of Victoria’s Secret-designed pieces.




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