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SIKA: The African Creative Clothing Line

We discoverd SIKA and we couldn't keep it to ourselves, so we decided to share it with our family here.

SIKA is a black owned fashion brand founded in 2005 by a London-based Ghanaian designer, Phyllis Taylor. SIKA's mission is to demonstrate that garment manufacturing can successfully incorporate social and environmental responsibility.

SIKA clothes are created in London and handcrafted by their professional garment production team in Ghana (West Africa). Its vibrant, one-of-a-kind textiles are all sourced from Ghanaian marketplaces, and the silhouettes are a great combination of classic tailoring and contemporary touches.

This clothing line not only design their own collections, but they've also collaborated with major brands like ASOS (SIKA x ASOS), The Vogue Talents Corner (yoox), and Beams Japan to create collaboration lines. Another of SIKA's big collaboration was with AFUA; Afua Hirsch (best selling author and broadcaster) a promoter of fashion and influential voice on identity, belonging and self-expression. SIKA and AFUA collaborated to produce a capsule collection that fills a void in the market for modern women.

This collection features pieces that allow women to blend in while also standing out, as well as pieces that speak to being both professional and creative, as well as both a member of a community and an individual. In a vibrant new style, African design collides with contemporary European living. The quality of SIKA's clothing is amazing and all of their pieces are 100% cotton. SIKA's in-house printing department allows them to develop and create their own prints, which makes them a distinctive apparel line. SIKA also works with fabric suppliers that provide them with unique prints, allowing them to create truly unique garments.



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