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RICH MNISI- An Aesthetic Incarnation of a Bold Vision

RICH MNISI is a contemporary multidisciplinary South African brand formed by Rich Mnisi in 2015. Mnisi started it as a creative outlet to unearth Africa's hidden riches while remaining youthful, trendy, and modern. Mnisi's desire is to connect deeper with his distinct culture and heritage through his work and tell a compelling story; a story of a hidden past, intriguing present, and reimagined future led to emergence of the brand.

The brand is designed to have a modern appeal and to bring together realms of artistic imagination. It is also the aesthetic incarnation of a bold vision, one that was influenced by elements outside than fashion, such as movies, music, art, and nature. It's entirely immersive while still being meticulously calculated, moving almost smoothly between the known and unknown and always striving to improve.