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NKWO At The Forefront Of Curbing The Damaging Effect On Textile Waste


NKWO is a brand that takes the preservation of environment and natural resources as one of its core values. It is an artisanal brand that is at the forefront of Nigeria's sustainable fashion movement. As a result of its awareness of the environmental impact of running a fashion label, its primary goal is the reduction of textile waste. Upcycled denim, cotton from Nigeria, end-of-line fabrics, and cutting table waste are used to create artisanal and limited edition pieces.

The Nkwo Wrap(kimono) Jacket

The development of a "new African fabric" named DAKALA CLOTH is a result of NKWO's emphasis on waste minimization. The nomadic and free-spirited lifestyle of the people who roamed the vast plains and deserts of Africa served as inspiration for the clothing. The brand seeks to utilize the potential of technology, both new and old, as a sustainable way to maintain traditional craft skills through research and experimenting with cutting-edge methods.

The Nkwo Infinity Jacket

The brand infuses early handcrafting techniques like weaving, beading, hand dying, and embroidery, which have also been modernized, giving materials new uses while bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. By incorporating the numerous components of the expanding fashion eco-system in a new way of working that is more aware as it celebrates and maintains the art of creation, NKWO, which works directly with artisans and local makers, hopes to bring about significant change on the continent.

Nkwo Upcycled Denim De-trench Coat

NKWO was founded in 2012 by Nkwo Onwuka, a British-Nigerian lady who left her comfort zone in the UK and came home to find expression and fulfilment in her unique fashion skill, turning textile waste to wealth. Her art has been recognised and featured in many fashion shows within and outside Nigeria. She uses second hand jeans, mostly sourced from local markets and family members and creatively turns them into bold fashion statements.

The Founder of NKWO Clothing brand; Nkwo Onwuka

Onwuka in relation to the brand has represented Nigeria in Buckingham Palace, at an exhibition which was all about sustainable fashion. The brand has had varieties of exhibitions and has also featured in the popular Lagos Fashion Week and Arise Fashion Week, also on Vogue Arabia to mention but few.



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