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How to Build your Wardrobe on a budget.

There is a part of everyone's life that is quite frustrating, whether or not you have your closet filled with lots of wears; and that is being clueless on what to wear or on the type of wears to get when shopping. Even those who have their closest filled, majority of those clothes are not relevant or are not even clothes they would want to be seen on.

We all think the wealthy ones, have their fashion life all figured out but it is partially not true. Everyone is a victim of going blank on what to wear. To avoid always having to worry when picking your daily outfit, you need to build a wardrobe with relevant wears, you will certainly want your wardrobe to be all occasions and budget friendly. When building a wardrobe, it is advisable to build it on a budget to avoid the presence of irrelevant clothes and excessive spending. Without further ado, let's jump right into it.

Eliminate unnecessary items in your closet

Do away with items you do not need and those you will never wear. When you shop for new wears and you still have the old and unnecessary ones at hand, you will still find it hard deciding on what to wear. Whilst doing this, have it in mind that you are in the quest to create your personal style also, not just doing away with unwanted wears.

The whole process is really not difficult, it all starts with a plan of minimizing what you already have.

  • Know what you want, what you don't want, what you love and pieces that goes together for different outfits before bringing in new ones.

  • Be observant on items you would need and the quantity of each needed to avoid getting excess.

After spending so much time clearing your closet, the last thing you will want to do is fill it back again with needless clothing. Remember the aim is to make getting ready easy and faster and you save more by getting fewer clothes.

Now plan out all that you listed and create a budget, prioritize the important ones, as it can be tempting to get all your wishlist at once, and you won't want to do that at the expense of your financial objectives. You can share the items into categories in order of importance and get each monthly. This will give you time to decide if the item is really needed in your closet, it will also give you time to find a good deal and to check out for quality.

Keeping up with this routine will help your Wardrobe and finance to be in check. Be intentional about what you buy to avoid excess spending, thus taking your Wardrobe back to its previous state, and still not having your needed wears.



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