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Do the Health Benefits of Cannabis Outweigh its Side Effects as Claimed?

Updated: Aug 4, 2022


When it comes to cannabis, numerous theories are floated, but there are some well-known benefits of cannabis for human health that have yet to be widely accepted. Several states have moved to legalize it as a kind of medical therapy. Although marijuana is currently legal in a number of locations, states, and countries, it remains illegal under federal law. Some states do not recognize medicinal marijuana usage as a form of treatment, yet users argue that cannabis is a culture to them!

These are some of the questions young people can ask before using Cannabis: What are the risks associated with using it, the benefits of using it for medicinal purposes versus recreationally, the best ways to use it, and whether or not it is addictive. Where and how do you get it? Can it be easily abused? These are important factors to consider before using cannabis.

Cannabis has been credited with helping with a variety of conditions, from easing chronic pain to lowering stress and anxiety. Some researchers have listed the following as some of its noteworthy advantages:

Reducing anxiety and stress level