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TwentySix - Simplicity, Comfort and Luxury!

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

We enthusiastically share brands we love with you on our Instagram page, these brands are sometimes famous or upcoming brands. Few weeks back we mentioned TwentySix as a clothing brand we love. We will be sharing all we know about this brand and why we love them.

TwentySix is a Nigerian fashion brand that caters to fashion forward persons who want practical, basic, and trendy apparel. With careful planning, attention to detail, and careful fabric selections. TwentySix clothing brand is one known for subliminal fashion and its uniqueness is in it simplicity.

The brand began as a form of expression for its founder, reflecting her unique style and giving comfort to people while embracing a variety of styles. This can be described as a one-of-a-kind approach to assisting all women in discovering their personal style, regardless of who they are or what they convey. TwentySix Fashion has worked on variety of collections and quite a few collaborations also. It's also worth noting that the firm participated in the recently finished Lagos Fashion Week, which featured several well-known African clothing brands.

One of our favorite TwentySix collections is the recently dropped one; in this collection called "2021 finale drop" every piece is a beauty to grace upon and each has its own definition with every style created. We can say that the designers at TwentySix are conscious of what they produce, who they create for, and the appearance of those who wear them.

With deliberate design, attentive details, and selective fabric selections, TwentySix designs empower women to go about their days looking and feeling their best- liberated, effortless, and never limited by fashion or trends.



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