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6 Unceasing African Fashion Brands Upholding Impeccable Practices in the Fashion World.

There are some fashion brands that cannot help but wow us at all times. We are not tired of having them feed our eyes with exciting and interesting styles and we are proud to say that African Fashion brands aren't left out in enabling change and bringing sustainability to the Fashion world as a whole.

We will be appreciating some African Fashion creatives that have refused to let us down but instead has graced us with admirable designs that can be sustained and are also ethical in the fashion industry.

Below are the 6 creatives we have noticed and love.......

MAXHOSA AFRICA - This is a South African ethical knitwear brand established in 2010 by Laduma Ngxokolo. Ngxokolo has delve and transcribed traditional patterns, Xhosa beadwork, symbolism, and colours to inspire his modern knitwear line by incorporating the Xhosa aesthetic. Laduma maintains his cultural heritage and alongside guarding the environment.

OLOOH - It is an Unceasing Ivorian menswear brand , directed by Kadar Diaby, the brand pays homage to Ivorian artisans by employing female workers in the commune of Treichville to dye the eco-linen used for the brand’s pieces. ‘Olooh’ means “Our” in the Senufo language, influenced by Ivory Coast, Morocco, and the creator’s exposure to the West.

ALLËDJO - This brand is designed and created by artisans in Dakar, Senegal. ALLËDJO clothing line was established by Beninese designer Kassim Lassissi in the year 2017. The brand was created by joining the designer’s love of travel and exquisite clothing with heavy reliance on a colourful palette and free-flowing materials. The brand incoprates the man and woman on the move,

CHIIP O Neal - is a Ghanaian fashion brand of the contemporary category, incorporates upcycling, embroidery and cultural design elements to produce useful and affordable pieces made in Ghana to solve the global initiative of fabric waste management.

SOPHIE NZINGA - Sophie is an eponymous fashion brand that uses biodegradable materials and fabrics (silk, satin, semi-precious stones to mention but few ) to create stunning pieces that incoprates multiple cultures, specifically Sophie’s Senegalese roots and New York City education.

SUAVE Kenya - This is a brand that design leather goods, backpacks, and accessories out of kitenge and denim. This brand also uses unwanted fabrics and leather to make bold prints and patterns.Mohamed Awale, the founder has been transforming waste into stylish pieces rocked by style stars in Nairobi since 2014.



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