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5 Global Brands that Combine Fashion and Sustainability

When it comes to fashion and sustainability, not all brands have what it takes to mix the two. When we talk about sustainable fashion (also known as eco-fashion), we're talking about a movement and a process that encourages change in fashion goods and the fashion system in the direction of greater ecological integrity and social justice. More than only fashion textiles or goods are addressed in sustainable fashion. It looks at how clothing is made, who makes it, and how long a product lasts before it ends up in a landfill. In the fashion industry, we'll be presenting 5 global brands that combine fashion and sustainability.


Mozh Mozh, Peru - Mozhdeh Matin founded her label in 2015 with the goal of collaborating with local craftspeople and preserving their skills. Her colorful pieces, dresses, and accessories – fashioned from alpaca, cotton, and wool yarns local to Peru, which were inspired by the concept of a circular economy, and they have truly set that wheel in motion, relying on homegrown weaving traditions. All of the brand's artists get their inspiration from their surroundings.