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Today’s People, The Revolution: A Mad House Digital Art Project Celebrating the Beauty of Womanhood

This project is a Mad House collaboration which features MadCreative, Nana Tenadu, Clara Jack and Hannah Cowan. The digital artist, MadCreative designed an artwork to tell the story of women adding to the narrative. Writers, Nana Tenadu, Clara Jack and Hannah Cowan wrote on different topics inspiring women and channeling power through words.

To all women, the only tool required is simple. It is your voice.

It is important to debate the problems and prospects women face, and find new avenues for public expression. This project is a form of indication; by bringing attention to the insecurities women face, society will begin to recognize the problems and work towards change.

Women face danger to their lives, health and well-being as a result of lack of power and influence. In some parts of the world, women’s knowledge and abilities often go unrecognized.

The aim behind this project is to provide vital awareness for women to be able to express their views about their identity and their rights within societies not fully accepting women for who they are and what they look like.

Mad House is an African distribution house that is engaged in evolution, manufacturing and dispensing creatives in every field. Our aim is to build a movement where everyone in it has the right and is obligated to dream, create and invent things. We give room to open-mindedness. An Idea that will keep people from being trapped in the box, to having access to the best minds in the world and giving them the creative liberty to work.