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Cinema Meets Architecture: Dancing Before The Moon at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Image Credit: La Biennale, Instagram

To many of us, Film is simply pictures in motion telling a story. This story could be imagined, real or relatable and it always involves all the elements of film: theme, sound, characters, film editing and so on. This is blended in such a way that their mechanisms are not visible to the audience and this makes the film unravel smoothly and beautifully. But for creatives, film is more than pictures in motion; to them, film is exploring worlds that were not possible before. This is what Dancing Before The Moon hopes to accomplish.


For the 18th International Architecture Exhibition which will happen between May 20, 2023 to November 26, 2023, there will be a showcase of a groundbreaking exhibition that blurs the lines between two distinct art forms—cinema and architecture. This exhibition is a film that is titled "Dancing Before The Moon," and it was created with the fusion of architectural marvels and the magic of everyday activities.



Image Credit: Alexis Caso, Pexels


This exhibition pushes the boundaries of human creativity and explores new ways of thinking about architecture, and it will focus on everyday rituals from cooking to dancing, to singing, and other forms of art. The exhibition, Dancing Before The Moon, will feature new works by six artists and designers, as well as a new film and soundscape, and will be curated by architect and designer Jayden Ali, designer and urbanist Joseph Zeal Henry, London-based curator and artist Meneesha Kellay, and London-based curator and educator Sumitra Upham.

History of International Architecture Exhibition

Also commonly known as Venice Biennale of Architecture, the International Architecture Exhibition has a rich history that spans over a century having begun in 1980. It was held every even year until the COVID-19 pandemic that caused them to postpone the event until 2021. Now, it is held every uneven year and the 18th edition will be held between May 20, 2023 to Nov 26, 2023. This exhibition is always held in Venice, Italy, and serves as a global platform for architects, designers, and artists to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and explore the evolving field of architecture.

Images Credit: La Biennale, Instagram


The first International Architecture event was held in 1980 as part of the larger Venice Biennale, an international art event that was founded in 1895. Although the architecture portion was initially a minor component of the entire event with only a few countries represented, it soon rose to popularity and grew greatly over time.


With time, the International Architecture Exhibition expanded in size and it evolved into a crucial venue for countries to demonstrate their architectural accomplishments and innovations. Soon, the exhibition began addressing major global challenges and delving into topics like sustainability, urban planning, social housing, and cultural heritage.

Dancing Before The Moon at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition

Image Credit: Rov Camato, Pexels


When the world of cinema and architecture collides, the result is usually a harmonious collaboration that unites the visual arts in an awe-inspiring manner. For “Dancing Before The Moon” this means exploring the intricate relationship between these two disciplines, and highlighting their shared elements of storytelling, spatial design, and emotive expression. Through the lens of film, the audience at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition will witness architectural structures come alive, as artisans navigate their way through a world designed to evoke wonder and inspiration.


Dancing Before The Moon was created in 2023, in collaboration with six UK-based artists and architects who will be exhibiting their works at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. These artists: Madhav Kidao, Yussef Agbo-Ola, Sandra Poulson, Shawanda Corbett, Mac Collins, and Jayden Ali, came together through art installations to highlight the central role that everyday rituals play in the life of people living in the UK.



Dancing Before the Moon intends to spark discussion and challenge the future of British architecture. It promotes the idea that everyday rituals (from growing food and cooking to playing games and dancing) are forms of spatial practice for diasporic communities and that they present new ways of thinking about architecture and the environment through built installations.

Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity

Image Credit: Paul Theodor Oja, Pexels

One of the primary objectives of "Dancing Before The Moon" is to push beyond the boundaries of human creativity. The exhibition challenges traditional notions of what is possible in both cinema and architecture, inviting the audience to reimagine the potential of these art forms. It also reminds them of the magic their everyday ritual contains and how one can make the most out of their lives by romanticizing it.

By blending the tangible and ephemeral, and the concrete and abstract, this groundbreaking display inspires us to think outside the box and envision a world where imagination knows no limits.



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