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Prazzle Magazine releases debut issue themed “The Essence of Creativity”


Our debut issue themed “The Essence of Creativity” is out now.

In this issue you get to learn from the stories and cultures of the creatives featured, find inspiration, and most importantly enjoy amazing visuals from 35 creatives in 15 countries and 4 continents in the world.

For the front cover of this issue themed “The Essence of Creativity”, we wanted something generic and chose an image that reflects the facets of creativity. We considered a variety of choices before settling on Ghanaian photographer, Elroy Salam's image titled "Unguarded."

The image depicts the interwoven nature of the creative industry, the strength to keep creating and the ability to express oneself freely without confinement.

The model is photographed as he moves to a rhythm while wearing a fashionable tutu. His dark skin shimmering brilliantly, the bright colours representing how fun creativity can be and if you look closely, you can see where digital artistry comes into play. All of these showcase our beats in fashion, beauty, art, music/dance, and photography/visual artistry.

Many of you appreciate the aesthetics and visual appeal you see on Prazzle’s Instagram page, but the editors want you to see that there is more to it than that.

These creatives