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How to prevent your nail polish from chipping

Do you know you can make your nail polish last longer than it used to? There are some vital tips that you neglect when having your manicure which can make your nail polish stay longer. Before applying any nail polish on your nails, you need to be sure your nails are oil free and clean. Chipped manicures can be quite annoying, to enjoy your manicure, these are tips you would be grateful you found, they are proven tips and will surely work for you if you follow them rightly. Wondering where they have been all this

while? Well it's better late than never.

To get your required result, the first stage is very essential thus PP is necessary ; PP means proper preparation. Total removal of an initial nail polish is needed with an active nail remover. After this, neatly file to shape your nails.

When filing your nails in order to shape them, note that you only file in one direction. Filing back and forth will make your nails craggy and more likely to break. Do not trim your cuticles if you are not skilled at doing that, it's a very sensitive area and could be damaged if not handled with care and if you are not using the tools correctly.

Before applying any nail polish on your nails, make sure your nails are clean and oil free, use a Q-tip dipped in white vinegar to remove any excess oils from your nails. Don’t soak your hands in ice water.

Long exposure to water can actually damage your nails and may be the cause for dry, splitting nails. I am sure you must have heard this tip works, soaking your hands in ice water; the truth is that it doesn't work.

The base is quite a thing; Using base coat is very necessary not only because it will make your manicure last longer, but it will also prevent your natural nail from staining when you use dark colors such as red and black or navy blue. Do not shake the nail polish before use, The right way is to roll the nail polish between your hands. That way, you will get an even layer with no bubbles at all.

Apply only two coats of dark nail polish shades. For the lighter shades, apply three super thin coats. You can also use a white color coat and then your chosen color.



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