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From Thuso Mbedu to Jenna Ortega, Dior Announces New Faces for Christian Dior ‘Gris Dior’ Campaign

Thuso Mbedu

In 2013, Dior Beauty launched the Gris Dior, formerly known as Gris Montaigne by Christian Dior. A Chypre Floral fragrance for men and women, the nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy. The fragrance sends undernotes of bergamot, rose, patchouli, amber, cedar, sandalwood, and oakmoss. Ten years after this launch, the brand is back with an upgraded view for its leading La Collection, Privée Christian Dior fragrance, Gris Dior.


As part of efforts to present the new collection, Dior has selected a group of talented stars from different parts of the world, including Jenna Ortega, Joseph Quinn, Maya Hawke, Fai Khadra, Thuso Mbedu, Orelsan, and Liu Yuxin, have been selected by the brand to promote the fragrance campaign. To celebrate this partnership, a temporary exhibition titled "The Grey Zone" has been launched in Los Angeles. The exhibition features the works of five international artists who have captured the essence of Dior and its grey-toned fragrance in their creations. One of these artists is Ben Johnston, a Toronto-based creative, whose captivating paintings are showcased in the gallery.

According to Dior Beauty, the iconic fragrance of La Collection Privée is an enigmatic perfume that reveals the most mysterious and daring nuances of your personality. Read on to find out how the new faces feel about the new fragrance.

Jenna Ortega

The “Wednesday” star stars in the new campaign for Dior on this new collection. Tapped for her determined looks and choreographed gestures, her mysterious and daring personality perfectly embodies the enigmatic scent of the iconic Gris Dior perfume. For Jenna, “the perfume caters to your own essence and personality and what you bring, and how you dare.”

Thuso Mbedu

Originally from South Africa, Thudo Mbedu is a trained actress and two-time International Emmy nominee. According to Dior, she is the true incarnation of the sensual, brave, and powerful signature of Gris Dior. For Thuso, “wearing Gris Dior makes me feel bold and yet again, a little bit fancy, sophisticated and mysterious.”

Joseph Quinn

The actor who is popular for his role of Eddie Munson in the series “Stranger Things” is the first member of the Gris Dior Collective. Tapped for his enigmatic and effortlessly elegant personality, he is the perfect embodiment of this enigmatic chypre fragrance, as captivating as sophisticated.

Maya Hawke

Made popular through her roles in the series “Little Women” and recently as Robin Buckley, in the Netflix Series “Stranger Things”, she is multifaceted and as confident as the declaration of Gris Dior. As a multi talented artist, she wants to be authentic and reveal her true self in the Gris Dior Collective.

Fai Khadra

A multidisciplinary artist and a close friend of the House, Fai Khadra joins the Gris Dior Collective to express his playful and daring personality in a fragrance that is all his own. For him, the fragrance is a bold, powerful and sensual scent.


A multidisciplinary artist, composer, author, performer and director, Orelsan joins the Gris Collective, embracing the unconventional yet effortlessly elegant facet of the iconic perfume of La Collection Privée. For him, he dares to be on stage with no filter.

Xin Liu

The multi-talented singer, producer and street dancer is a true expression of the daring and magnetic facet of Gris Dior according to Dior Beauty.


The new Gris Dior purple themed campaign is Dior’s new way of introducing the fragrance through a collection of artists that serves as a palette of strong, assertive and daring personalities.


All picture credits - Dior Beauty




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