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How to Make your Subject Comfortable During a Photo Session.


You already have a shoot planned out in your head, you know what angles to take the pictures from, what you want your subject to look like, and the proper lighting too. Now it is time to take those pictures and you have all that you need but your subject is nervous and fidgety. This article will help photographers make their subjects more comfortable for a seamless photo session.  


Demonstrate confidence to inspire confidence in your subjects.

To inspire confidence in your subjects, show that you are a professional and are good at what you do. When you’re confident in your ability and appear to know what you are doing, your subject becomes more trusting and relaxed. If you appear unsure and unstable this might instill feelings of insecurity and doubts in your subject.


Communicate your expectations clearly.

Let your subject know what is expected of them. Tell them in clear terms what it is that you want them to do. Don’t bark orders, but don’t be unclear in your communications either. If it is possible, you may provide samples of similar pictures or any kind of visual demonstration of what you want them to do or look like.


Create a comfortable environment for your subject.

You want to ensure that you create a comfortable environment for your subject. What is comfortable depends on who your subject is. Knowing your subject and how to make them relax and be at ease when taking pictures is important for every photographer. A comfortable environment helps put your subject at ease. You may also provide distractions and attractive stuff for subjects who may be difficult to hold still, babies, for instance, may need their toys or primary caregiver around to hold still for a picture.

Asides from ensuring that the physical environment is comfortable, you want to create a friendly environment too. It is important to be professional but being professional does not mean the environment has to be tense and everyone has to be uptight. You want your subject to be comfortable enough to be generous with their emotions.


For professional shoots, involve professionals.

If you are looking to take flawless professional pictures, you may want to involve professional models who are not new to being in front of a camera. That way, you make the entire process a lot easier than it would have been if you were working with first-timers.






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