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Hair Journal - These are Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing


There are several myths about Black hair, but the most common one is that we are unable to grow long hair. This is completely false. In actuality, if you have hair on your head, there's bound to be growth, irrespective of its pace. While some people's hair grow more quickly than others (some notice a half inch of growth each month while others see a little less) and genetics undoubtedly play a role.

We gain roughly six inches of new hair on average each year, or half an inch every month, according to the normal hair growth. The reason your hair may seem like it’s not growing is because the hair is so fragile that, if not properly taken care of, it may break at almost the same rate that it grows, if not more. If you’ve got curly, kinky afro hair, it can feel as though your hair is not growing. Kinky hair doesn’t show it’s length unless it’s stretched or straightened. Here are some reasons why your hair growth seems to be stagnant;

Split Ends


One of the main causes of lack of growth are split ends, or if we’re being technical, trichoptilosi