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From Being Laid-Off to Playing Dress-Up: Monie Richardson ‘Frugalistic Eyes' Journey to Thrifting

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


"I absolutely love thrift shopping. I prefer thrift shopping before on-line shopping. My style is Frugalistic, it’s frugal but so appealing to the eye you never would’ve thought it was the price that I got it for."

It is no longer news that the thrifting trend is sweeping the fashion world. Despite the fact that secondhand shopping has grown in popularity over the last decade. For centuries, wearing secondhand clothing was not reckoned with, but nowadays, thrifting is the norm.

We reached out to Monie Richardson, the founder of "Frugalistic Eyes" and a thrifting enthusiast, and she shared with Prazzle her journey to creating a thrifting brand and her love of fashion. She enjoys the fact that fashion allows her to express herself without boundaries and inspires others to do the same.

The first segment of our section with her, reveals her journey into the fashion world more precisely thrift shopping. She discusses how the Covid shutdown influenced the creation of her brand "Frugalistic Eyes", her career as a stylist, and everything in between. Monie's passion for fashion is inspiring and well worth reading about.


Kindly introduce Monie Richardson. Where are you from? What was your childhood  like and how did it influence your styling career? 

I am from a small town called Valdosta, Georgia. My childhood was normal. I had a few bumps in the roads here and there but, overall I had a pretty cool childhood. I participated in sports such as basketball and track. However, I was always open to trying new things. My parents viewed me as an entrepreneur because I would try to develop anything into a business venture because I had parents that supported me through every trial and error at such a young age gave me the drive and ambition I now possess as a stylist.

What is it about fashion and style that fascinates you? How would you say you have groomed your love for fashion and style?

What fascinates me about fashion and styling is the ability to express myself without boundaries and inspire others to push themselves as well, because I'm able to create without boundaries I'm able to see my creativity for fashion and styling develop into an even greater project. I noticed that every new project seems to out shine the last project in creativity, so my creativity continues to develop from each other.

What inspired the launching of your brand "Frugalistic Eyes"? And how well can you say it has thrived since its creation?


Frugalistic Eyes was launched during the Covid shutdown. Although I had done some fashion and styling, I never had the opportunity to put so much time into developing my brand. I was laid-off, so I spent the majority of my time playing "dress up" in my room. I started with a few posts on social media, but the responses were overwhelmingly positive. The posts were on to promote the launch of my thrift store. However, after a few months of posting a photographer contacted me about doing the styles for a photo sh