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Expressionism in the 80s-90s: Five Vintage Artworks that Evoke Emotion

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

I highly doubt there are any art pieces that were not birthed from emotions, as artists are passionate. Studying their works, you can see how intensely they felt angry, sad, or inspirational. From the brush strokes to color choice, you can tell with practiced eyes what emotion they created an art piece with.

But there are unique kinds of art pieces created to evoke emotion and ensure you do not miss it. This expressionism art started in the 20th century.

Unlike impressionism, expressionism puts personal and emotional at the forefront of art. Expressionist art speak emotions more than any other art; they specifically depict emotion and increase their dynamic interpretation of the truth of the more realistic and practical subject.

Let's go on a journey exploring 5 of the best of these kinds of art.

1. The Scream 1893