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Eclectic Fashion? Here's A Complete Guide To Its Styling

The word eclectic means varied, in the fashion world an eclectic outfit is a collection of various pieces that do not have to go together in any way, shape or form. This also means there are no stated rules or guidelines to be followed.  You can literally wear whatever you want the way you want it. An eclectic outfit typically encompasses items from different periods and styles. It is tied together by means of color, texture, shape and accessories. The color palette can vary, but often a few neutrals serve to ground the look. However, this style is difficult to aim for. It can look very different depending of the person’s taste.

This fashion style requires creativity, trying unconventional combinations, an eye for what you can do with a garment, curation and time to try everything with everything. Also, you have to identify what looks the best (wrong) or stylish on you. This style of fashion is high maintenance! It’s rather an attitude! It’s best for people with an individualistic lifestyle or free spirited. It is solely for people who don’t care about what others think of them or how they are styled.

Ecclectic Styling can also be seen as taking fashion risk unapologetically. For those who love the idea of being eclectic with their style of dressing but cannot because they do not know how to go about it,we have curated below 3 easy steps to follow to make this fashion risk easier to take.