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CKay Releases Visuals for hit single “Emiliano”


Ckay, who just topped the Billboard Afrobeats chart, has released the official music video for his smash tune "Emiliana." Following the song's massive popularity, fans have been hoping for some accompanying visuals, and CKay has finally given a fitting video to kick off the new month.


The new video, directed by Ahmed Mosh for A Ladder, Lex, and Booker production and stylized by Abxtractxtyling, features CKay and his lovely partner in a picturesque seaside scene where he serenades her softly on his guitar. The video's colorful, mellow environment is the ideal backdrop for this peaceful, mid-tempo Afro-fusion tune and CKay's soothing vocals.



The video's cinematography was well done and choice of location, Lake Retba in Senegal was perfect as we the careful attention to detail that transports viewers to a pleasant, warm vacation spot.


The scenes are well-paced and vibrant without being distracting to the eye that you will almost feel like going on a baecation. With over 900,000 views and thousands of likes on YouTube in one day, the video is certainly making waves.

Watch video below:



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