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“People can literally just hate you for being you”- The Energy Radiating in Liya's Music Career

"The best piece of advice I ever got from a musician was from Peruzzi. In perruzi's voice, "Liya, don't let anybody tell you anything, you're doing well, you're unique, you have to just know yourself and stay true to that, that way you can keep making good music, just do you".

Liya's career in music is one solely influenced by her background. However, Liya did not realize how much influence her environment had rubbed on her music career until 3 years ago when she realised that all the beautiful music and chants she heard from the church actually had an influence on the way she sings.

The young superstar is currently signed to one of Nigeria's notable record label owned by Davido. She popular referred to as the 'First Lady' of Davido's DMW label as the first and only female at the time of this interview to be signed to to record label.

Despite being talented, like most public figures, she faces unsolicited criticism and wild comments that can be deterring. Yet, she keeps going.

In this interview, she shares one of the best advice she has received which has kept her on her toes and helped her scale through good and bad days in the industry. Knowing that whichever way, being the best version of herself supersedes all.


Can we get to know you formally, Who is Liya and what’s the inspiration behind the name?

My full name is Abdulsalam Suliyat Modasola. I was born into a conservative Muslim family. Liya was birthed from Suliyat basically, so I guess I can say I inspired my name.


How did you kickstart your music career? Would you say your background had an influence?

My music career, for me, started when I entered into the university, because then I felt the freedom to really pursue music. A defining moment for me was my first time in a music studio booth. I was so nervous and excited. I remember they played a random beat and right there on the spot I sang a cover to Rihanna Stay and everyone loved it. At that point I think everyone knew that was the start of something great for me.

Yes, I'd also say my background definitely had an influence on my music now. Growing up, I spent a whole lot of time in Arabic classes where we did a lot of music. Right beside my house was a celestial Church, it wasn't until two years ago when I realised that all the beautiful music and chants I heard from the church actually had an influence on the way I sing.