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3 Beard Styles you need to know

Updated: May 8, 2021

It has been observed in this generation, that men with beards look more attractive and physically masculine. It gives this hot, chic look and spices appearance as ladies tend to get charmed to men with beards than those without. It has become one of the most popular trends for men. You can often tell a lot about a man, from the type of beard he wears. There is this beauty a man has when he has his hair neatly cut and his beards shaved appropriately. The beauty it adds to men varies; it sits well on some

faces and look otherwise on others, there is a bread style for every man.

Here is a comprehensive list of beards we think has the potential to thrill ladies and get them drooling around you.

The Goatee

This refers to the style that has hair above the lips and on the chin only, sometimes connected to make a frame for the mouth. This style is best for adding a little edge to your style. It secures you if you are struggling to have a full beard. It complements short hair better. Your woman will certainly love the idea of playing with your goatee.

The Short beard

Keeping your beard seem perfect when you know what style suits you best. The short beard style is quite official and it is obtained by guys whose work does not permit leaving hair on the face or those who don't really love the idea of hair playing around their face. Some ladies are attracted to men with less hair on their face, as they find it uncomfortable having to feel your hair on their face when both mouth draws closer. This style fits most face shapes.

The Full beard

This is having Full thick hair growth in the upper lips, chin, and lower cheek Areas. This facial hairstyle give most guys an innocent baby face. If you know how to shave a beard, it can be extremely attractive. It suits every face shape, however, it can look very untidy, and is often best worn with short tidy hair and a smart dress sense.



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