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Balance: A photo project and short film by Nosipho Monese encourages self-love amongst youths.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

When was the last time you said “I love you” to you? Creative Director Nosipho Monese preaches self love in this short film and photo series titled ”balance“:

“For centuries the black race has been showcased as a community of imbalanced people, but they are the root of the world that we live in.

My name is Nosipho Monese and I am a Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Model, and Nurse. I am originally from Greenville, Wisconsin, but I have lived in Milwaukee for 4 and a half years. I recently moved to Orange County, California, but I originate from Lesotho and South Africa. My company is called NOSIPHO, LLC. We help minorities and other marginalized people explore their gifts through photography, videography, and art.“

The name, "Nosipho" means a gift from God.

Through my short film, I showcased different people living their truth, exploring their gifts, and loving themselves as they rightfully should. Within the photography series, you can see that the Ugandan model is peacefully balancing an orange.

This shows that black men carry a lot on their shoulders, but they are the most well-balanced people of all time.

Click paly button to watch short film👇🏿

Team Credits:

Creative Director: Nosipho Monese @nvsipho

Model: Thomas Uzzi @thomas_uzzi

Photographer: Mahdi Gransberry @freakishnerd

Videographer: Stephen Guma @goomsdooms

Model Coach: Monica Marrero @thriftymon



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