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6 ways to rest from your mind as a creative.

Nearly every creative person can relate to having a mind that never stops working. It is perhaps one of the curses of being creative. Having a mind that never stops can look like having constant racing thoughts, disorganized thoughts, finding it difficult to focus on a single thought, and overthinking. Since creative people work with their minds, it may feel like your brain is always working and you may tire out easily.

These are tips that would help you control your mind and stop your mind from controlling you.


Live in the present

As much as it is possible, live in the present. Practice focusing on a single task and be disciplined enough to not allow your thoughts to wander. When you do catch your mind wandering, acknowledge it and slowly return to the present. Living in the present helps keep your mind in check.



Postpone thinking

One of the ways to keep your thoughts organized and take breaks from your mind is to postpone thinking about something. If for instance, you want to sleep and a thought comes up, say “I will think about this later” and then go to sleep. If you are handling a task, practice telling yourself “I will think about this later.” When you postpone your thoughts, you take charge of your mind and send a signal that it is you who determines when you want to think, not your mind.



Meditation is great for putting the mind under control. It is harder to meditate when you have a mind as busy as a market, but when you meditate often, you master the art of being in charge of your mind.


Talk to a professional

If you find that you have little control of your mind, try talking to a professional. Having racing thoughts and finding it difficult to subject your mind to your control may be a symptom of a mental health issue. Anxiety, for instance, might manifest as racing thoughts, and having serious difficulty focusing on a single task can be a symptom of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Keep a thought journal

Keeping a thought journal is a great way to manage and organize your thoughts. Practice writing down your thoughts to manage them. Write a list of the things that run through your mind and decide which of them is worth expanding your energy on. You may also filter your thoughts by noting the things you want to think about in a day. When you need to consider something and give it your attention, including your journal and write out your thoughts, this will help narrow your attention and prevent other thoughts from interrupting your thoughts.


Set time limits for thoughts you don’t want

When you catch yourself thinking about something you’d rather not think about. Try creating a time frame to entertain it. If, for instance, you catch yourself thinking about something else when you’re trying to come up with a design. Tell yourself “Okay, I am going to think about this for ten minutes,” and set a timer. Explore that thought as much as you want and when the time is over, go back to the thoughts that matter. That is a fine way to prioritize your thoughts.




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