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6 Easy Tips to Maintaining Locs


Dreadlocks, or locs, are a lovely and adaptable way to wear your natural hair. However, there is a frequent fallacy that locs don't need to be maintained, when in fact, locs, like all hair, must. So, whether you're new to locs or simply want to learn more about how to keep your locs healthy, keep reading for our six loc-care suggestions.

Wash Your Locs - Cleaning your scalp and removing any buildup, lint, or extra oil from your locs is essential. As a result, avoid using shampoos and conditioners that leave residue on your hair and instead opt for a sulphate-free shampoo. The frequency of your locs will be determined by you, your lifestyle, and your locs. If you work out frequently, for example, you may feel the urge to cleanse your locs more frequently.

Drying your Locs - After you've washed your locs, it's important to dry them. Gently squeeze out as much moisture as possible from a controllable handful of your locs. Begin near the roots and gradually work your way down to the tips. Finally, wrap your hair in a microfibre towel or use a microfiber towel to give your locs a final squeeze.

Moisturize your Dreads - It's crucial to maintain your locs moisturized if you want them to look healthy. This can be done in a variety of ways. Hair oil, which can penetrate your strands and hydrate and seal in moisture, is a fantastic alternative.

Take care of your scalp - Just because you have locs doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your scalp. As previously stated, your scalp is still skin and will require some TLC. Just make sure you're using a mild oil that won't clog up your pores. Being intentional about your scalp when taking care of your locs is vital.

Night care Routine should be Followed - Sleeping on a silk/satin pillowcase or wrapping or covering your locs with a silk scarf or hat is recommended. Brittle locs can break/snap, and cotton absorbs moisture, as previously said. This means your locs will lose a lot of moisture. Before sleeping wrap your hair in a silk scarf to keep your locs safe; thus making it last longer.

Styling your Dreads - When it comes to styling, there are numerous options. You can style them in a chic pixie cut, or if your locs are a little longer, you can style them in buns, ponytails, and even waves. Wavy dreadlocks are a lot of fun and are perfect for an overnight look. Create numerous three-strand braids with very gently damp dreadlocks. As you sleep, secure the braids and let your locs dry. Take off the hair ties when you wake up and sport those wavy locs.



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