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6 Common Beauty Blunders You Should Avoid

When it comes to applying Makeup, everyone wants a perfect, beautiful look with a glass-like sheen. We all enjoy trying out new makeup looks and styles with our foundation, concealer, compact powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipsticks to mention but few items, used in a daily makeup process. However, the manner we apply it on our faces, is the most important factor. To begin, we must be very specific with the makeup items we use because everyone's skin type is different, and we must select products accordingly. It's very sad that so many women make beauty blunders, such as choosing the wrong makeup for their skin type and a slew of other things that should be avoided at all costs, resulting in an unflattering and odd appearance. Although numerous guides instruct us on how to apply our makeup correctly, there are few that instruct us on how not to apply it wrong. Here's a rundown of common makeup blunders to stay away from.

Application of makeup on dry skin - One of the most common blunders women make while applying makeup is doing it on dry skin. To achieve a flawless dewy finish, you must thoroughly moisturize your face; otherwise, the foundation will dry up our skin, making it appear aged, uneven, and cracked. As a result, we must always remember to properly moisturize our faces before putting makeup.

Using the wrong foundation - We have a constant desire to seem fairer than our actual skin tone, and we frequently use foundations that are significantly lighter than our skin tone. This is one of the most common makeup blunders that you should avoid at all costs. To achieve a flawless finish, we must always choose a foundation that matches our natural skin tone. Using a lighter or darker foundation that does not match our skin tone will create an artificial layer on top of our skin.

Excess drawing and filling of our eyebrows - Some of us tend to overdo it when it comes to filling in our brows. It does not appear attractive to line and fill in our brows with a black color. Filling in our brows with a black shadow or brow pencil will make them look unnatural and artificial. Though it works well for some people but just a few.

Excess use of foundation - Most ladies believe that covering their entire face in thick foundation will make their face appear smooth and perfect. But it's a resounding no. Using too much foundation will not improve the appearance of our skin; instead, it will make it look cakey. It's best to apply a light layer of foundation on our faces to get a natural look.

Wrong blending techniques - The most crucial step is to blend the makeup into the skin so that it appears to be our second skin. To blend our makeup well, we must use a suitable brush or a beauty blender. Mastering the technique of blending is essential for natural makeup. To achieve this, we'll need to employ the necessary strategies and tools. Makeup that isn't well blended looks weird and out of place.

Applying too much powder - Some ladies believe that applying extra powder to their face will make it appear fresh and matte. Over-powdering, on the other hand, will result in a dry, wrinkled, and cakey appearance. Only the necessary parts must be powdered.



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