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5 Best Ways to Remove Upper Lip Hair


Do you know that facial hair is a thing for everyone, whether it is visible or not, and it is practically impossible to get rid of completely? It's quite funny how there's nothing wrong or unusual about them, but we still want to get rid of them. Nonetheless, some people have the confidence to rock it, while it worries others; thus, the desire to get rid of it, if not permanently, in a temporary way that can often be repeated on a routine.

Here are best ways to temporarily get rid of upper lip hair.

Hair Removal Cream


Some hair removal creams are safe to use on sensitive facial skin, including the upper lip. Depilatory creams are highly alkaline solutions that break down the protein bonds in the hair, causing it to dissolve. At this point, people can simply wipe the hair away. To use an hair removal cream, apply it to the upper lip for as long as the instructions advise and then rinse it off, along with the loose hair. Depilatory creams are an easy, affordable, and quick way of removing lip hair. However, these creams do not dissolve hair down to the root, so they only have a short-term effect. Before applying, note that depilatory creams are not suitable for use on any broken, sunburnt, or irritated skin.

Laser Hair Removal