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4 Reasons why your skincare products aren't working.

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

While trying to look good, having your closet filled with all sexy and trendy wears. Your look will definitely not be fully graced without a flawless skin to complement your chic and expensive outfit. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than having your skin looking dry, acne visit, wrinkles, whitehead, blackheads and those other bad skin conditions. In essence, every vanity table isn't complete without your skincare products.

You might be wondering why after spending so much on these babies they still don't deliver. Here are 4 reasons why most skincare products will not work for you no matter how cost they are.

1. Dead Skin Cell

Hey! You need to get rid of the outer layer of your skin that has given up and refused to give you that glow you desire. Sometimes dead skin cells don't shed off normally. Normal cell turnover takes place about every 30 days, and it is called desquamation; it is when new skin cells are being produced sloughing away dead skin cells. When your skin appears dull, itching, flaky, breakouts and acne; these are symptoms you have when battling with dead skin cells. Aging is one of the major causes of dead skin cell; the older you get, the cell turnover rate begins to slowdown.

Dead skin cells cannot be prevented, but there are steps that can be taken to help them flake off regularly and also prepare your skin for the sweet nutrients of your skincare products.

  • Regular cleansing of the skin is one step that can not be ignored in all skin care routine, it helps remove dead skin cells that are ready to slough off.

  • Drinking enough water is really underrated, water prevents dehydration. When the skin is being denied the amount of water needed, the skin will be unable to cling on the amount of moisture it needs to avoid dry skin that can flake off, leaving the skin feeling itchy and irritated.

  • Exposure to the sun speeds up skin aging and cell death, sun damage leads to premature signs of aging; the likes of loose skin, age spots, sun burn, and wrinkles. It is advisable to wear sunscreen whenever you will be spending time outdoor.

2. Unhealthy diet

Photo by Maltchique

There are meals that have certain nutrients and vitamins the skin needs to achieve its full glow. No skincare product will work if you are not feeding your skin internally with essential nutrients. Each food you eat, has the potential to either benefit or harm your skin. Having a clear skin is an inside job; it is first processed inside your body before extending to the outer part.

There are certain food that do not promote skin health, and should be avoided, the likes of;

Fast Food - meals prepared in fast food are deep-fried in refined vegetable oils, such as canola oil, sunflower, and peanut oil, and filled with trans-fats. While vegetable oils sounds quite healthy, they can cause skin conditions because they’re very high in omega-6 essential fatty acids.

Spicy Food - you may be wondering why spicy food is bad for your skin, this is because it can trigger flare - ups in existing skin conditions, mostly acne.

Alcohol - Alcohol contains sugar, which spikes blood sugar levels and may contribute to aging by depleting collagen.

3. Allergy

Ingredients used in making skincare products might cause ineffectiveness of the product on your skin, thus preventing you from seeing good results and leaving you with unpleasant skin conditions. it is advisable to always check for the ingredients used in production and stay off any product that has ingredients you are allergy to.

4. The use of another skin type product on your skin

it is necessary to know that, everyone's skin is different and requires a different approach. Most people acquire skincare products, without knowing if it is the item needed to treat their skin or not.

Using a dry skin product for a sensitive skin, will only worsen such skin condition, therefore Make findings on the products your skin type need and avoid getting otherwise.

Intrinsically, neglecting everything listed above, will only bring you to the point of questioning the effectiveness of your costly purchased skincare products. Note that, there is more to skincare, than acquiring skincare products.



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