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In this issue, be inspired by thought-provoking interviews with leading creatives who share their insights, challenges, and triumphs on their journeys towards sustainable artistry. From the renowned eco-artist Jeanne Simmons, celebrated in Vogue and beyond, to fashion designer Lucy Tammam, who champions sustainability through her couture label Atelier Tamman, a diverse group of creatives are pushing the boundaries of eco-conscious design. Visionary artist Simeon Van der Hoeven explores the intersection of healing and sustainability, while Konboye Eugene breathes new life into discarded materials. Through their creative processes, they offer captivating insights. Alexis Tsegba, inspired by his childhood experiences, uses art to reconnect humanity with nature. Multi-disciplinary artist Samar Younes, meanwhile, brings a unique perspective, creating works that bridge the gap between sustainability and development.

Green Canvas Issue V

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