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Top 5 Must-Reads For Every Self-acclaimed Book Lover


You’re holed up for the weekend with your friends and family out of town, and perhaps movies aren’t appealing to you at the time, so you wish to read, and you’re probably confused about which book to pick. Of course, you have assignments and reports to submit the next week but what’s a weekend if it doesn’t involve you resting and not doing what you have to do?

Here is a list of 5 books you should read.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Calvin Evans and Elizabeth Zott meet at Hastings Research Institute, where they are doing their Ph.D. research. Calvin Evans, one who knows how to hold a grunt and can be unbearable, and Elizabeth Zott, who was sick and tired of patriarchal bullshit and the sexual discrimination amongst scientists all over the world.

Will her deep-seated anger for patriarchy and the world that keeps trying to stifle women cause her to be all she wants to be? And when Madeline comes along, a mixture of both parents, how would she cope?