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An ideal man is vulnerable and expressive of his feelings.- Fashion Blogger, Tijesunimi Olupekan

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Nigerian fashion blogger and content creator @tijesu.o is one who challenges the status quo with his sense of style. Asides from being a content creator and fashion influencer, there is more to Tijesunimi than meets the eye which most people find fascinating, as he works a 9-5 in Finance.

His love for fashion has gained him over 10k followers on Instagram and he speaks about his journey so far, content creation and dealing with toxic masculinity. He perceives fashion as freedom. In his words, It is more than being draped in stylish clothes. Fashion is therapeutic, liberating, and expressive.

Tijesunimi further shares his story on becoming fashion-oriented and making statements through fashion

I realized I was fashion-oriented when I started getting complimented as I

go about my daily life or step out to a function. It was an indication to take it more

seriously, and after a while of consistently putting out fashion content, I found my tribe

and started getting exclusive invites to fashion shows and events.

As someone with a unique approach to fashion, when people come across my content,

I want it to convey eccentricity and originality. I want my audience to be inspired to be

confident in their being and essence. whenever you go for an outing, I can't do without necklaces, rings, and shades. I never forget to wear the right accessory to go with

my outfit of the day. In my opinion, accessorizing elevates every look, and adds that

luxurious touch. I'm trying to reflect on my worst fashion moment and I can't place one at this moment. But I know for sure that I handle every bad fashion moment with grace and confidence. You won't even tell.

When asked about what he classifies as boring fashion and the traits a highly fashionable person possesses, he states

I love interesting cuts, patterns, and vibrant colo. Hence, I classify any look that

lacks detail, depth, and a good level of risk as boring. It must meet the eye nicely.

Every fashionable person must embody confidence, class, and charisma in their entirety. When you step into a room or an event, your aura must be felt

across, because of how well you carry and present yourself.

On challenging society's expectations of an 'ideal man.'

Stepping into my individuality and owning my narrative makes me feel great and at

peace and the rippling effect on my brand is attracting people who love and adore me

for just being myself. Contrary to society's constructs and expectations of what an ideal man should be. To me, an ideal man can be vulnerable, and expressive of his feelings and emotions. He is not rigid, but teachable, and inspires change. He is human, not seeing himself as superior to his female counterpart, but treats everyone around him with accord, respect, and equality.

Tijesunimi is owning his narrative with pride and gives no heed to what the naysayers have to say about his style.

I do not address criticisms, because not everyone will comprehend your style choices

and that's okay. Not everyone has taste. And for people who are struggling to find what style fits them, keep experimenting till you find your personal style, and the moment you find what works for you and step into your individuality, you become unstoppable!



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