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The Various Niches of Indoor Photography– All You Need to Know


Indoor photography is a very convenient niche; oftentimes, it does not require a big budget. This genre of photography allows you to be creative with your background and improvise with the available props. It is not exclusive to only some kinds of photographers; you can practice and execute great shots no matter the kind of photography you have been used to before this one.

Do you think no one has use for these kinds of simple images you capture indoors? Here are some professional niches you can carve out for yourself.

Indoor photography niches

Creative Portrait images


These images help a viewer focus on your subject's personality and essence. The best social group to find these subjects for your indoor portrait images is the family. It does not necessarily have to be your family members, and you do not need to have an equipped studio before you attempt to offer this as a service. You have the option of home service. You can do newborn shoots, maternity shoots, family portraits, Christmas shoots, etc.

Food photography


The food industry is a broad one, and with the existence of the internet, great photos have as much impact on a restaurant's sales as the food taste and quality. This kind of photography has a high demand, plus it is fun. Restaurants, grocery stores, and food trucks, among others, would need your services. Again, you do not need a studio or expensive props. An eye for detail, knowledge about the rules of photography, and creative thinking will help you ace these shots live at the restaurant or grocery shop.

Real estate photography


Videographers are not the only ones entitled to a portion of realtors' money; you can also secure a paid project for yourself. Before most people make an appointment to check out a house, they surf the web to get an idea of what to expect, and well-captured images of a home's interior can be just as convincing as the realtor's sales pitch.

Product images


Product images are essential for marketing and are in high demand everywhere, from the eCommerce shops live on Amazon to the product package of L'Orèal's shampoo. These pictures, most times, would only need a clear white background and a good light source. You can choose to be artistic with them, too; the important thing is to have all the features of the subject (product) visible.

You can practice all these as a freelancer or as part of the team of a company.

Indoor photography skills

Here are a few skills to have and master to capture great shots indoors, irrespective of the subject or background.

  • ISO nurturing; requires practice; understanding your camera's sensitivity to light and the impact on your background will help increase your turnout of incredible photos.

  • Eyes for important details. Train your eyes to pick interesting objects and patterns to add live to your images.

  • Get creative with artificial lighting. Natural light is great, but the right artificial light can be amazing, too, get creative with angles of artificial lighting. You can get even more creative by mixing the two light sources, artificial and natural light sources. With this technique, the best shooting hours are before sunrise, shortly after sunset, and at twilight.

  • Experiment with close-ups. Learn to capture the beauty of the process of things. An eye for detail will come in handy here; you will discover beauty in simple things like turning milk in a bowl of cereal, chopping vegetables, the point at which a lawn mower uproots the weed or a newly swirled cup of beverage.

  • Master the game of shadow. Always look down at your subject to get the best shot instead of ahead.



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