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Meet Roselyn the creative jack mastering all trades.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Roselyn John is an all-around Nigerian creative setting the pace in the creative industry through styling, art direction, modelling and of course entrepreneurship. We were curious on what it takes to manage so many skills and talents at a time and here's what she had to say:

I would say being versatile has always given me an upper edge in the industry. I am a lover of creativity whether it’s fashion or crafts. I don’t believe there are limits to anything creative. I just switch boards whenever I need to do any of my jobs, and it has helped me increase my network. Wherever I find myself, I discover that I can impact knowledge and assist other people, even though I have a role I’m playing already. So basically it’s a great thing for me, and I love researching and learning creative things; it’s always fun for me.

Set designing and art directing are two different things. Set designing involves putting a production set together for each scene, while art directing goes further into making sure even the characters, outfits, makeup, and the entire production conforms to our goal. When I want to design a set, the first thing I do is to go through the script, to know what the client needs and then send pictures for references. It's a similar process for art directing; the difference though is that you are more involved in the whole process—overseeing the makeup artist, stylist and other members of the crew.