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The Grammy Award Winner with a Big Heart: EchoSlim on his Grammy Win and the Purpose of his Music

Updated: Jun 5, 2022


Two days to the final deadline for the design of this issue, we receive an email from George Green. Mr. Green introduces himself as the manager of EchoSlim and asks for an interview with EchoSlim. He says good things about EchoSlim that describe him as someone with a heart of gold as he highlights his Grammy win. There are at least ten links in the body of the email that Green urges us to check out to learn more about EchoSlim.


When I looked at the timeline, I thought to myself, "How are we going to pull this off in such a short amount of time?" But the more I learned about EchoSlim, whose actual name is Dwayne Dayal, the more curious I became.

EchoSlim won the 2020 Grammys alongside Jamaican artist Koffee for producing her EP titled 'Rapture,' which won best Reggae Album

“I was happy for my Brothers Nicko Rebel, Sean Alaric, and Walshy Fire, whom none of this would be possible without. I was extremely happy for Koffee, and all of the other producers and behind-the-scenes people on this project. When I first heard about the entire project, I knew it was special.”


EchoSlim was born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. A city outside of Toronto. However, his family is from Trinidad and Tobago. He tells us that his family has a huge role to play in the path of his music career.

“My parents would have probably preferred I pursued a career in medicine, law, or engineering like most African and Caribbean families. My father probably shouldn't have played all that Calypso and Soca music for me at such an early age. That hooked me to music early. Once I was exposed to Reggae it was over.“


When EchoSlim is not producing music or traveling the world, he is teaching the youth in his community about music.

The youth have so many natural skills that just need to be embraced and nurtured. If I can help them with those raw skills and provide some structure, organization, and direction, sky's the limit.

As you will discover in this exclusive interview, EchoSlim's Grammy win was well-deserved. He deserves even more accolades for his contributions to the reggae music genre, his dedication to empowering empowering youth, and his desire to see the world become a better place through the music he creates.


Tell us about the Grammys. How did winning an award make you feel? What would you say to people who rely on ceremonies and awards to validate their craft?

It was a bittersweet day for me.…

”I can never tell anyone else how to feel. If ceremonies and awards are what motivate some artists, who are we to tell them not to use that as a source of motivation to create the best art possible.”

Full interview availabe now in “The Essence of Creativity” Click here


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1 Comment

May 08, 2022

Welldone EchoSlim!

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