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Society Says: My Worth is Directly Linked to my Sexual Body Count

Photo by @elewatv @campbelladdy

The subject of body count is another area in which the double standards society holds when it comes to men and women is vividly shown.

Nope! I’m not talking about the number of people someone has killed or murdered. Sexually, BODY COUNT means the number of people a person has had sexual intercourse with. This is a conversation that shouldn’t have to come up in a relationship unless both partners are genuinely interested in knowing. Unfortunately, like a lot of things, women are often on the receiving end of this question.

Photo by @annitakayiba

“Ken was an amazing guy I met a few years ago and things started off slow at first because I’m a wild person and he had a lot of conventional traits. With time, we found our middle ground and realized things could be great. We went on a couple of dates and made things official. A month into it, we were relaxing one day and out of nowhere I hear; How many people have you slept with? I laughed because I thought and hoped he was joking. Things spiralled really quick from there. It became a constant argument topic because I didn’t think it was important and he felt he needed to know if I’ve been around. It was a big red flag for me so I opted out of the relationship eventually.” Ciara shared when asked if she has ever been confronted with the topic.