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Salt Lick Safari Lodge - A Must Visit Luxury Relaxing Destination


Salt Lick Safari Lodge is located in Kenya's Tsavo West National Park. The entire lodge is built on stilts above feeding pastures and drinking holes. From above, the Lodge provides a breathtaking view of the wildlife. The Taita Hills Sanctuary, a private wildlife conservancy, is home to this lodge. One of the world's largest game reserves is Tsavo West National Park. The Salt Lick Safari Lodge, formerly known as the Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, is the ideal location for exploring a natural environment and relaxing.


This lodge is known for its warmth, liveliness, and legendary hospitality, and it is one of Kenya's flagship lodges. Salt Lick Game Lodge is a popular choice for travelers looking for a luxurious stay. It's a five-star safari hideaway in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, with views of a waterhole and the wide Tsavo plains. Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary provides a safe environment to over 50 species of mammals and 300 species of birds within 28,000 acres of rolling savanna and woodland habitats.


The Lodge provides a rare opportunity to watch animals up close in their natural habitat, as large quantities of species come to drink at the waterholes. The lobby, restaurant, and terraced bar all provide excellent views and photographic opportunities. An underground tunnel and bunker with ground-level windows provide close but safe access to a variety of wildlife as they drink water. The waterholes are illuminated by powerful floodlights as it gets dark, to make sure that you witness all the activity throughout the night.


The Sanctuary is a model of sustainable conservation, with elephants, lions, buffalo, and giraffes thriving really well. Game drives are tightly controlled to ensure that animals are not harassed and some areas are completely closed to vehicles. This commitment to responsible ecotourism, which has been so well supported by visitors, ensures that the Sanctuary and all its wildlife will continue to prosper. Salt Lick Lodge has 96 unique rooms, all elevated on stilts and built across two levels, with en suite bathrooms with permanent showers and WC, and running hot and cold water. They can accommodate you in these rooms at three levels with double, twin, or triple beds depending on your preferred occupancy.


Bura Restaurant is the main restaurant, with a capacity of 150 people; it overlooks the watering holes, serving buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with live cooking counters preparing specialty dishes. Cuisines include Pan-African, Pan-European and Pan-Asian. Whether you are visit to enjoy comfort, warmth and elegance or to celebrate life’s most important milestones you will have an unforgettable time at Salt Lick Safari Lodge.



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