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PRAZZLE partners with Ethiopian Artist, Fanuel Leul on “Black Excellence” Limited Merch Collection

Ahead of the release of Prazzle Magazine issue ll, Prazzle has partenered with Ethiopian artist Fanuel Leul on a limited art merchandise collection "Black Excellence".

PRAZZLE, a certified media company focusing on the arts, fashion, and pop culture is set to release her issue 02 themed, “Beauty Comes in all Forms” The phrase "Beauty Comes in all Forms" is meant to highlight the fact that there are many different ways to express beauty in the arts. In conversations with various characters from various works of art, we are given a glimpse into the artist's mind and can appreciate their vision of what constitutes beauty. A new viewpoint has now been shown.

The company's mission is to express the experiences of creatives by providing them with a platform to tell their stories, report them, and thrive.  Cover stars Moostapha Saudi and Shanelle Banton are among the fascinating talents featured in the production. Also featured are beauty and fashion experts like Rose Palhares (Golden Globe winner 2022) and Maison Art C (Morocco), as well as artists Carlos Fama (Spain) and music executive DJ Gravy (United States), and more than 15 other countries.