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PRAZZLE partners with Ethiopian Artist, Fanuel Leul on “Black Excellence” Limited Merch Collection

Ahead of the release of Prazzle Magazine issue ll, Prazzle has partenered with Ethiopian artist Fanuel Leul on a limited art merchandise collection "Black Excellence".

PRAZZLE, a certified media company focusing on the arts, fashion, and pop culture is set to release her issue 02 themed, “Beauty Comes in all Forms” The phrase "Beauty Comes in all Forms" is meant to highlight the fact that there are many different ways to express beauty in the arts. In conversations with various characters from various works of art, we are given a glimpse into the artist's mind and can appreciate their vision of what constitutes beauty. A new viewpoint has now been shown.

The company's mission is to express the experiences of creatives by providing them with a platform to tell their stories, report them, and thrive.  Cover stars Moostapha Saudi and Shanelle Banton are among the fascinating talents featured in the production. Also featured are beauty and fashion experts like Rose Palhares (Golden Globe winner 2022) and Maison Art C (Morocco), as well as artists Carlos Fama (Spain) and music executive DJ Gravy (United States), and more than 15 other countries.

This digital release has two different covers, one selected in London and the other in South Africa. Digital copies of the magazine, aimed at a young, creative audience in Africa and the diaspora, will be made available on October 28.

“I have realized that beauty can be found in anything, from music, fashion, art, and any form of artistic expression to even the creators themselves. You have just got to open your eyes to see it. Once again, we have toured the world, asking creatives what beauty means to them, and as you would find out while flipping through, it means so many different things but unique to each individual and their craft.

As with all our issues, we want you to get inspired and learn from the personalities and the amazing visuals you see as you flip through. This is a publication with a purpose, and I congratulate you again for purchasing this valuable piece.” - Ann Austin, Editor-in-Chief

Prazzle is a media company also focused on collaborative work among creatives of color. Models, photographers, and other artists share their personal tales and thoughts on what beauty is to them in this special issue. Prazzle issue 02 offers everyone a glimpse into the minds of many great artists and takes you through their journeys, lives, struggles, and relatable stories. It's bright, it makes an impression, and it motivates people to seek their beauty.

In line with its collaboration mandate Prazzle also launched its first limited goods line for the Prazzle Art Store in collaboration with Ethiopian artist Fanuel Luel in recognition of Black History Month.

This project, which is a partnership with Fanuel Leul, depicts #BlackExcellence has its roots in the stories and characters of Africa, looking forward through the prism of our cultural past and constructing a new narrative of the future via the lens of Afrofuturism. The concept of "blackness," as it is understood in the modern world, is deconstructed piece by piece through striking symbols and components incorporated into each work. 

Each work (9) in total features stunning imagery represented by bold elements, characters, and text to reimagine what it means to be Black in the modern world.

“I really enjoyed creating these pieces of the collection because it lets me display different Ethiopian/African tribes in my core artistic style of Afrofuturism as an Ethiopian artist. I feel my responsibility is to depict the beauty of African people and their stories through my work. I hope you also enjoy viewing and owning pieces of this great work.”

— Fanuel Leul the artist.

With the Artist's agreement, a part of the proceeds will go toward helping other young creatives. Prints, t-shirts, and tote bags are all available at the Prazzle Digital Art Store. 



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