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Ngima Thogo on the Path of a Digital Artist in Preserving and Nurturing Culture

Updated: May 27, 2022


Young and barely in his prime, 25-year-old digital artist, Ngima Thogo is taking up space in the world of surrealism and artistic representations of darkness through light. No stranger to the creative scene, he finds himself creating in what has rather become a crowded space with many breaking through daily into the digital art space. His true rise in the industry took place after a worldwide setback in the form of COVID 19. Nonetheless, what should have been an inhibitor, turned into a catalyst that launched his career in the right direction.

“I've always appreciated art but never thought I'd ever be able to make art. I felt I wasn't creative enough..”


Ngima Thogo is a self-taught digital artist from Kenya. Using surrealism as a main point of expression, he draws inspiration from emotions and the things he feels internally. Ngima chronicles anxiety, solitude, doubt, loss and the struggles of hyperhidrosis disorder. Regardless he r