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Michèle Eyenga is the Talented Cameroonian Photographer Documenting Black Herstory With Her Lens

Updated: May 27, 2022


I tend to gravitate towards afrocentric thematics and visuals when it comes to my image-making and that is absolutely influenced by my Cameroonian background. I believe in sticking to what I know, what is familiar and/or relatable to me when it comes to telling impactful stories on identity, even visual ones. I primarily photograph African women because that is a big part of my identity and let me just tell you... Sometimes as we're shooting, it's as though my subject and I are both looking into a mirror.


It’s one thing to own your narrative, it’s another to do so unapologetically and fiercely. Michele Eyenga known as Malanebony on instagram is one amongst a million creatives that strives to challenge the overly propagated negative narratives about Black women through her art. She openly shares the motive behind her art, what Black herstory means to her, and the women she calls her support system.

I capture what my subject is already comfortable with allowing me to see about themselves, while focusing on making them feel even more comfortable to let loose and fully tap into their vulnerable side and a story is usually created organically.