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Meet Moses Kibutha ‘Wiz,’ the Mental Tourist on a Mission to Inspire Hope through Art

My full name is Moses kibutha; I adopted the nickname, ‘ Wiz’ in high school, as my peers would call me that name because I am creative when it comes to fashion.

I am 22yrs old and I am currently studying automotive engineering but my passion is all things fashion. I choose the Instagram handle, ghettoh__nation to symbolise a sign of hope because the indigenes of Ghettoh have experienced hardship.

Having being raised in the Eastlands of Nairobi—place known as Dandora— by a single mum, I understand the value of hope to humanity; through art, I intend to give people hope of a brighter future. Being a Black creative is a good thing for me because of my ability to create from my heart, art that resonates deeply with Black culture as well as uphold the supremacy of the Black race.

I love to travel. During my trips, I create art using the landscape; and that why I call myself mental tourist. I draw my inspiration from lexonart who creates art that has a narrative. I consider my entire life to be an inspiration as well as Pinterest.

Being a Nairobi based creative is a bit tiresome because I don’t make sufficient gains from creating art, since 2017. However, I move forward regardless, since my incentive is to aim higher and never look back.

5 things I would love to achieve is to be featured on the cover of widely acclaimed magazines; work for fashion giants like Gucci; support my mum through my art; promote the dexterity of the Black race; establish my brand and likewise fellow creatives.



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