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“I do what I do for myself and whoever gets influenced by it; that's a blessing.”- Africanjawn

Updated: Mar 5, 2022


We weren’t drawn to Buchi’s work only because she represents Black women, but she does so with much love and passion for precision. We love to see the happy faces of Black women to overthrow the ‘angry Black woman’ narrative. Similarly, the faces of fierce-looking women remind the world that Black women are beautiful and mean business.

Buchi has photographed male models as well, but we were immediately captivated by the storytelling of her Black female portraits.

Read on to find out why portraits of Black women are dear to her and how she fell in love with photography.

Model, Creative Director and Photographer, Buchi A.K.A Africanjawn

Nneka Ibeabuchi, also known as Africanjawn and Buchi, is a model, creative director, and photographer from Lagos, Nigeria, currently residing in LA.