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Kerron John's Figurative Paintings Evoke Emotions Through Human Figures


Kerron John is a Contemporary Figurative Artist born on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a 22-year-old self-taught artist who began his artistic journey at the age of 7, beginning with drawing and progressing to painting. His first painting tools were graphite and charcoal. At the age of 8, art became a hobby for him, where he casually drew when he felt like. The young artist acknowledges his artist mother as his first source of inspiration in the world of art.


Kerron began participating in art competitions at the age of 9, where he placed in the top 20 of the Powergen art competition, and was granted the opportunity to have his painting displayed on the walls of Powergen, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. He began an adventurous journey in his work, incorporating a variety of materials such as acrylic paint, watercolours, color pencils, and pastel. In his work, he was also exposed to a variety of topics.


While working on pieces for these art competitions, Kerron was taught a bit of color theory, human anatomy, and other foundational skills. He was able to come up with ideas and concepts as a result of participating in these art competitions, and he developed the practice of generating multiple compositional sketches to better structure his work. As a result of his involvement in these painting competitions, he came to be recognized as a talented artist in his school.


Over time, his influences in the art circle have shifted, ranging from inspiration found on social media to the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, and most recently, artist Henrik Uldalen's Instagram page. Kerron studied how Henrik applied paint, and how he is able to evoke emotions from his painting. Owing to this knowledge gained, he experimented with how Henrik painted in his current body of work, and also tries to find himself and his style through Henrik's work.

Reality-in-motion-acrylic-on -canvas-by-Kerron-John

With this in place, Kerron currently describes himself as a contemporary artist that concentrates on figurative work in a realistic style with some abstract components to evoke and focus on the emotional side of humans. His dream is to become a world-renowned artist, being able to exhibit in prestige art galleries and museums around the world. Also, he aims to heal people that are going through any inner turmoil and discuss any social issues that is affecting humans today in the world through his art.

Notably, Kerron won the 2017 Top Regional CSEC 2 Dimensional Visual Arts Award. In 2018, he started exhibiting his work at several art galleries all over Trinidad and Tobago, most significantly Horizons Art Gallery, as well as at auctions, and since then, he has had various group exhibitions. He had his 1st solo exhibition in 2020 called "Emotion", which launched his work to get featured in diverse newspapers and magazines; Express newspaper, Newsday Newspaper, Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago to mention a few. In September 2020, Kerron started university on a full scholarship at the University of the West Indies.



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