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Ex Love Island USA Star, Cashay Proudfoot On Turning Heads Through Acting, Modeling & Dance

Updated: May 27, 2022


“Dancing and acting are a massive part of who I am, so the balance comes naturally.”

“Ahh, yes! I love the lights and the attention.” Those were Cash’s first words in a video where she introduces herself as an Islander on the third season of Love Island USA, 2021.

Crossing her legs on a white swivel chair, Cash reveals the qualities of her ideal man. And as she spoke, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully her yellow co-ord complemented her chocolate brown skin. I haven’t met Cash in person, and neither did we have a live call for this interview, but I could picture her answering the questions in real-time, channeling the same giddy energy she had in the video.

Cashay is a woman whose bubbliness fills the room and turns heads whenever she walks in; little wonder how easy it was for her to nurture a camaraderie with her fellow Islanders.