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Ex Love Island USA Star, Cashay Proudfoot On Turning Heads Through Acting, Modeling & Dance

Updated: May 27, 2022


“Dancing and acting are a massive part of who I am, so the balance comes naturally.”

“Ahh, yes! I love the lights and the attention.” Those were Cash’s first words in a video where she introduces herself as an Islander on the third season of Love Island USA, 2021.

Crossing her legs on a white swivel chair, Cash reveals the qualities of her ideal man. And as she spoke, I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully her yellow co-ord complemented her chocolate brown skin. I haven’t met Cash in person, and neither did we have a live call for this interview, but I could picture her answering the questions in real-time, channeling the same giddy energy she had in the video.

Cashay is a woman whose bubbliness fills the room and turns heads whenever she walks in; little wonder how easy it was for her to nurture a camaraderie with her fellow Islanders.


Cashay loves a man who's got moves; this is the requirement she prioritizes. While most women prefer to have ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ men or men who can make them ‘laugh,’ Cash is more concerned about dancing skills.

“What I want is someone who dances—I think that’s in my top three—it's almost more important than someone faithful…”


Cash embodies the mindset of a superstar. Before Cash got on the show, she was a waiter from Buffalo in New York. Now, Cashay is regarded as a model, actress, television personality, dancer, & social media personality.

“Growing up with a big brother, I love to wrestle, and if I can ever pin down a man I’m dating?? Respectfully no…”

In this interview, Cash shares the demands of being female in the creative industry. Cash unpacks the nitty-gritty details, bordering on race, beauty standards, and romantic relationships. Plus, she reveals her relationship status and essential first-date items.

Full interview availabe now in “The Essence of Creativity” Click here


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1 Comment

May 12, 2022

Amazing! Can’t wait

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