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Does Isolation Really Help with Creativity?

Generally, people who are quiet and reclusive are often just assumed to be “nerdy” and intelligent. Renowned scientists are often known to spend a lot of time alone. Scientists like Albert Einstein have been described as introverted many times. Does the same apply to creative people? Do loners tend to be more creative?


Many studies have linked a high level of creativity to people who spend a lot of time alone.  From visual artists to writers, highly skilled singers, and even actors.

While being alone is often seen as a terrible thing, it has its advantages and one of these advantages is that it helps foster creativity. Many great minds and talented artists often hone and polish their skills by spending time alone. The following are ways through which being by oneself can help sharpen one’s creativity.


Being alone helps you think clearly and deeply

Creativity is born from an ability to think of ways to do things that have not been thought of by many people. To do this, an artist may have to spend time alone to do a lot of thinking and reflection. When one is alone and away from the distractions that come with being around too many people, one can think of different ways in which a single task may be done.

Being alone helps you create without distractions.

Isolation helps creatives create without distractions from the people around them. Artists are able to make art and think while at it, this helps with not just creativity but speed.


Being alone creates physical space.

Asides from the mental space that being alone provides, it also provides physical space for the artist to work and create art without running into people.


While isolation works well for many artists and creatives in general, some others prefer to work when surrounded by people. They also garner inspiration from being around people and observing them.

Self-isolation is good for any creative who finds that they create better in that state but like everything, too much of it is bad. One must make deliberate efforts to spend time with people. This is to compensate for the long period of isolation.

As much as isolation can be good for creativity, it becomes easy for the mind to hit a roadblock when it is not exposed to new experiences. This may lead to a creativity block and can be devastating for any creative.

Conclusively, a balance should be created between spending time alone to think and create and connect with other human beings.  







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