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'BACK TO MY ROOTS': A project that advocates for the reclamation of one's cultural roots


Harmonie Malengo, a 21-year-old Brooklyn-based creative director and content creator, has collaborated with beauty brand Afropick on a new photo series that encourages individuals to reclaim their cultural heritage.

Here's what she says about the inspiration for this series and the collaboration with Afropick, a brand known for promoting self-acceptance through its beauty accessories and products:

This project was inspired by my experience of growing up in Africa and immigrating to the United States at the age of ten years old. From the moment I left my birth country Congo and sat foot in the U.S, I've been in the process of reclaiming my cultural roots since.

It is a difficult process that is experienced by many and for a long time, I felt like I needed to choose an identity, and only express the part of me that was the most socially acceptable.

As a result, I kept my roots hidden.