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'BACK TO MY ROOTS': A project that advocates for the reclamation of one's cultural roots


Harmonie Malengo, a 21-year-old Brooklyn-based creative director and content creator, has collaborated with beauty brand Afropick on a new photo series that encourages individuals to reclaim their cultural heritage.

Here's what she says about the inspiration for this series and the collaboration with Afropick, a brand known for promoting self-acceptance through its beauty accessories and products:

This project was inspired by my experience of growing up in Africa and immigrating to the United States at the age of ten years old. From the moment I left my birth country Congo and sat foot in the U.S, I've been in the process of reclaiming my cultural roots since.

It is a difficult process that is experienced by many and for a long time, I felt like I needed to choose an identity, and only express the part of me that was the most socially acceptable.

As a result, I kept my roots hidden.


This project represents the start of a long fulfilling journey ahead, where I am authentically myself and encourage others to be as well. I am reclaiming my roots.


The journey so far has had a tremendous impact on my art, it has inspired me to create art that not only increases representation of the African diaspora but also showcases black people in different elements. The whole team was amazing to work with and was very open throughout the entire process.


Major thank you to Afropick for sending over their beautiful products that fit perfectly with the theme and overall concept of roots.


Creative director:

Photographer: @raymondshotthis

Model: @julliensincere

Model: @jahdeyoakleywright

Credits: @afropick_

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