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Textile Artist, Mark Delmont to host Miami's First Ever Fine Art + NFT Exhibition

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Mark Delmont

An Exhibition and Opening Reception of Miami's First Ever 30 Day Fine Art + NFT Exhibition is set to be held on the 3rd and 4th September, 2022 by Artist Mark Delmont.

Mark “ALT” Delmont is a first-generation Haitian Jamaican textile artist from Miami. He up-cycles stagnant or used materials from the earth to make massive pieces that reflect the times. The totality of Delmont’s work involves expressing the candid aesthetic of black Miami.


The exhibition will include the collection The Eight Wonders of Our World a series of 8 large scale portraits constructed of salvaged materials upscaled, hand-sewn on wood panels, and a digital representation of NFT's. These renderings will be of the eight mavens that inhibit the black community. This showing also displays a standing crib, Da Crib, revealing a micro Miami neighborhood, with the insertion of a looped film of a Miami car ride from Miami Gardens to Brownsville, down 27th street.

This exhibition is specially curated by Arsimmer Mccoy and powered by Mueshi Global and Supported by Prazzle Inc

To participate at the Prazzle's pop up on the 27th, September 2022 at the exhibition, click here.

To attend the exhibition click here







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