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Amanda Akokhia Synchonizes Beauty, Fashion and Photography


Amanda Akokhia is a freelance fashion and beauty photographer and the founder of Amanda Akokhia Studios in Greenwich, London.

Amanda Akokhia

The beautiful and talented photographer who enjoys bringing her visions to reality and isn't afraid to push limits in order to express stories through her work has a great eye for detail and the artistic ability to convey the beauty, grace, strength, and peculiarity of each subject she photographs.


Whether she's working on personal branding projects or advertising campaigns for Beauty and Fashion brands, her only focus is on creatively conveying the subject in a way that highlights and exceeds their expectations while maintaining the timeless effect needed.


Amanda's love for make-up and the idea of being able to capture beauty ignited her interest in beauty and fashion photography. She also enjoys the idea of being able to tell a story through clothing. Amanda is drawn to fashion for its glamour. She constantly challenges her 11 years of experience and incorporates her makeup and hairstyling knowledge to her work, having interned with a prominent hair and makeup artist. Amanda understands what each shoot requires and adds her signature touch for quality results.


Superdrug, Makeup Revolution, and The NHS are just a few of the top organizations with whom Amanda Akokhia has collaborated on branding and magazine covers, as well as top international celebrities. Amanda's photographs have appeared in British Vogue and Tatler Magazine, in addition to being shown on ITV News, Channel 5 News, and The Daily Mail. She also photographed the NHS charity event honoring important personnel and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2020.


Through her photos, she clearly demonstrates her passion for beauty and fashion, inspiring and encouraging other creatives to identify and focus on their expertise.



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