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Alex Peter Idoko Uses Pyrography to Express African Realities and Re-brand Black Stories.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022


The word "pyrography" basically means writing with fire. Many people refer to pyrography as "woodburning," however woodburning is technically done on wood, whereas pyrography can be done on any receptive surface (including wood).


Alexander Peter Idoko, also known as Alex Peter, discovered his talent for arts and painting at a young age in Lagos. He grew up in it and developed a strong attachment to it. This passion sparked his interest in and respect for art. He began drawing portraits in secondary school and nurtured it with zeal into a work of intense artistry.

He has been able to hone his artistic abilities by experimenting with various drawing mediums such as pen, pastel, pencil, and Pyrography art; (use of a razor, sandpaper, and burner). Alex is a Pyrography artist who self-taught himself. He is an expert, and his technique is described as Surrealism and hyperrealism.


His works are based on African realities, and he is primarily concerned with writing, rebranding, and editing the Black story by bringing to the forefront Blacks from all continents while addressing issues and challenges that surround them, as well as setting positive images that will serve as a bearing to the next generation of African/blacks born and unborn. These works are created to give voice to those who lack the ability to speak publicly about sensitive issues affecting humanity, which he skillfully executes as realism.


He has shown his work at the Omenka Gallery in Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria. Moniker art fair in New York, USA, and Commonthread exhibition in London, as well as Context Art Miami Fair. He is a very passionate artist who won the "Award of Excellence" in the 2016 Benue Youth Choice Awards. He has evolved into more than just a regular artist and is always looking for new ways to stand out.

The creative claims that working on wood allows him to collaborate creatively with nature and gives him a sense of connection with life in all its wonderful diversity, which adds meaning to his art. He also admits that his goal is a driving force that keeps him burning in the art of creating meaning in diversity and inspiring the feeble minds of those who hunger for the true essence of existence as he connects them to nature and beyond.

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1 Comment

Apr 13, 2022

His art is amazing

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