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6 Travel Etiquette Every Tourist Should Know

Some tourist etiquette guidelines are self-evident, such as treating natives with respect. Other standards, on the other hand, are less visible but vital to being a good traveler.

Every traveler, regardless of where they go, should adhere to some rules of travel etiquette. Whether you're visiting a low-key beach town or a historic religious institution, there are certain ways that you, as a tourist, should perform in order to not only show respect but also to portray your character and origins in a positive light.

It's a privilege to be able to visit another country, when it's not clear how to act, use the same manners and considerations you would if you were in someone's private space. It takes more than remembering your pleases and thank you to be a courteous tourist. It's about making sure the country that's hosting you knows how grateful you are to be there, and how much respect you have for their way of life — even if it's very different from your own.

Here are some important etiquette rules to follow while on a tourist vacation.